Trump: The Art of the Deal Audiobook

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by Donald J. Trump
From the Impresario of NBC s hit display The ApprenticeTRUMP ON TRUMP: I like considering big. I often have. To me it s really straightforward: if you re going to be pondering anyway, you might as effectively believe huge. And listed here s how he does it: the art of the deal.Commencing with a week in Trump s substantial-stakes daily life, Trump: The Art of the Deal offers us Trump in motion. We see just how he operates working day to working day how he runs his organization and how he operates his daily life as he chats with buddies and household, clashes with enemies, efficiently buys up Atlantic Metropolis s leading casinos, modifications the encounter of the New York Metropolis skyline . . . and strategies the tallest developing in the world.TRUMP ON TRUMP: I perform it very loose. I don t carry a briefcase. I try out not to schedule as well numerous meetings. I leave my doorway open up. . . . I favor to come to function each working day and just see what develops. Even a maverick performs by rules, and below …

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