Thomas Becket: Warrior, Priest, Rebel Audiobook

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by John Man
A revisionist new biography reintroducing visitors to a single of the most subversive figures in English history the gentleman who sought to reform a country, dared to defy his king, and laid down his lifestyle to defend his sacred honor Becket s existence story has been typically advised but in no way so incisively reexamined and vividly rendered as it is in John Dude s fingers. The son of middle-class Norman mothers and fathers, Becket rose against all odds to become the next most effective male in England. As King Henry II s chancellor, Becket charmed potentates and popes, tamed overmighty barons, and even individually led knights into fight. Following his royal patron elevated him to archbishop of Canterbury in 1162, even so, Becket clashed with the King. Compelled to select among fealty to the crown and the values of his faith, he frequently challenged Henry s authority to provide the church to heel. Drawing on the full panoply of medieval resources, Male sheds new gentle on the partnership between the t…

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