The Rich Employee Audiobook

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by James Altucher
Not everyone is minimize out to be an entrepreneur. A lot of of us are happy to have a occupation, we just want a greater work, a single that fulfills us, tends to make us wealthy, and delivers us gratification. Even now, earnings is now forever likely down versus inflation for the common worker. Market, expertise, and administration are all becoming outsourced cheaply to other nations or to technological innovation.

A lot of individuals mistakenly consider that the remedy is entrepreneurship. That “entrepreneurship is the pathway to riches”. This is not real. Being an entrepreneur does have fantastic upside but also it has a properly-known fee of failure of 85%. There is no way to forecast your way out of that 85%.

The resolution is to grow to be a rich employee with the state of mind and techniques described in this book. This is the 1st book ever to detail how a single can turn out to be a prosperous personnel in our moments. And there is more: companies in this new century will only succeed if they encourage their personnel to produce The Rich Employee…

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