The RealAge(R) Workout Audiobook

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by Michael F. Roizen M.D.
Dr. Michael F. Roizen has empowered hundreds of Americans to get control of their own destinies. How? His greatest-offering textbooks, RealAge , The RealAge Makeover, and YOU: The Owner’s Handbook, have assisted people reverse their chronological ageing by ten, fifteen, and up to 20-nine a long time by revealing straightforward lifestyle alterations that have profound effects that manage their genes — and thus handle their health and the ageing method. Probabilities are you picked up this book simply because you, as well, want to be healthier and young. The RealAge Work out points out the relevance of progressively phasing exercising into your everyday program, simply because even the smallest adjustments in habits can make you really feel, appear, and be young. No issue how hectic your routine, Dr. Michael Roizen will show you how to gain the greatest age-reduction benefits from a minimum sum of time and eff…

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