The Race for Timbuktu: The Story of Gordon Laing and the Race Audiobook

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by Frank T. Kryza
In the initial decades of the nineteenth century, no place burned far more brightly in the creativeness of European geographers and fortune hunters than the misplaced town of Timbuktu. Africa’s legendary City of Gold, not visited by Europeans because the Center Ages, held the guarantee of prosperity and fame for the first explorer to make it there. In 1824, the French Geographical Modern society provided a funds prize to the initial expedition from any nation to pay a visit to Timbuktu and return to notify the tale. One particular of the contenders was Significant Alexander Gordon Laing, a thirty calendar year aged military officer. Handsome and assured, Laing was confident that Timbuktu was his destiny, and his ticket to glory. In July 1825, following a whirlwind romance with Emma Warrington, daughter of the British consul at Tripoli, Laing still left the Mediterranean coastline to cross the Sahara. His two,000 mile journey took on an extra urgency when Hugh Clapperton, a a lot more seasoned explorer, set out to beat him. Apprised of each other’s…

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