The Girl from Krakow: A Novel Audiobook

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by Alex Rosenberg
It s 1935. Rita Feuerstahl arrives to the college in Krakow intent on enjoying her freedom. But daily life has other factors in store relationship, a love affair, a youngster, all in the shadows of the oncoming war. When the war comes, Rita is armed with a mystery so tremendous that it could cost the Allies everything, even as it gives her the will to live. She must locate a way equally to preserve her magic formula and to endure amid the chaos of Europe at war. Residing by her wits between the Germans as their conquests turn to defeat, she seeks a way to avert the inescapable doom of Nazism from creating her one of its last victims. Can her passion and take care of outlast the most strong evil that Europe has at any time seen?In an epic saga that spans from Paris in the 30s and Spain s Civil War to Moscow, Warsaw, and the heart of Nazi Germany, The Woman from Krakow follows one particular female s fight for survival as whole nations are torn apart, never to be the very same.

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