The Future of Violence: Robots and Germs, Hackers and Drones€”Confronting A New Age of Threat Audiobook

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by Benjamin Wittes
The potential to inflict discomfort and struggling on massive groups of folks is no for a longer time constrained to the nation-state. New technologies are putting enormous electricity into the fingers of folks across the planet a change that, for all its sunny opportunities, involves massive risk for all of us, and may even problem the rules on which the modern nation condition is founded. In brief, if our national governments can no more time defend us from harm, they will shed their legitimacy. Detailing the difficulties that states face in this new globe, authorized scholars Benjamin Wittes and Gabriella Blum controversially argue in [Title TK] that nationwide governments should increase their stability initiatives to defend the lives and liberty of their citizens.Wittes and Blum show how improvements in cybertechnology, biotechnology, and robotics mean that more folks than ever prior to have accessibility to technologies from drones to personal computer networks and biological knowledge that could probably be employed to exto…

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