The Day the Crayons Came Home Audiobook

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by Drew Daywalt
The companion to the #one blockbuster bestseller, The Working day the Crayons Stop! Hugely anticipated (yes, even for adults) Leisure Weekly I am not confident what it is about this kid Duncan, but his crayons confident are a colorful bunch of characters! Possessing soothed the hurt thoughts of 1 team who threatened to stop, Duncan now faces a entire new team of crayons inquiring to be rescued. From Maroon Crayon, who was missing beneath the couch cushions and then broken in two after Dad sat on him to poor Turquoise, whose head is now caught to one particular of Duncan’s smelly socks right after they the two finished up in the dryer together to Pea Green, who understands darn effectively that no kid likes peas and who ran away every single and every single crayon has a woeful tale to explain to and a plea to be brought residence to the crayon box.Appear for a particular glow-in-the-darkish photograph [Note: make confident to cost it below a light-weight 1st].Praise for The Working day the Crayons Arrived House

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