The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities Audiobook

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by Stephen Breyer
In this unique, considerably-achieving, and timely book, Justice Stephen Breyer examines the work of the Supreme Court of the United States in an ever more interconnected world, a globe in which all sorts of action, both public and private from the carry out of national security coverage to the perform of global trade obliges the Court docket to understand and think about situation over and above America s borders. It is a globe of quick communications, lightning-quick commerce, and shared troubles (like general public health threats and environmental degradation), and it is one particular in which the lives of Individuals are routinely joined at any time more pervasively to people of folks in overseas lands. Indeed, at a minute when any person may possibly have interaction in immediate transactions internationally for solutions formerly acquired and offered only locally (lodging, for occasion, by way of on-line internet sites), it has turn out to be clear that, even in ordinary issues, judicial awareness can no for a longer time stop at the drinking water s edge. …

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