The Big Book of Casseroles: 250 Recipes for Serious Comfort Food Audiobook

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by Maryana Vollstedt
Bubbling cheese, golden bread crumbs, tender greens, and succulent meats – what is not to like about casseroles? Comfort foodstuff just will not get any cozier, or far more hassle-free. Now, thanks to Maryana Vollstedt, busy cooks will not have to get in touch with up Mother in purchase to make delicious 1-dish foods for loved ones and buddies. The Massive Book of Casseroles boasts more than 250 recipes (which includes minimal-fat and vegetarian dishes), in addition useful planning, freezing, and storage tips. For sizzling-from-the-oven dinners equally at property in the dining area or on the kitchen area table, cooks need to have seem no additional than The Massive Book of Casseroles, since significant convenience meals by no means goes out of type.

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