Telling God’s Story: The Biblical Narrative from Beginning to End Audiobook

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by Preben Vang
How properly do you know His story? By the time a Christian reaches younger adulthood, he is very likely to be fairly acquainted with each and every significant tale in the Bible, but not from having researched them in any certain get. Request an regular Bible pupil to arrange specific characters and activities chronologically, and the benefits are telling. Telling God s Story appears intently at the Bible from its commencing in Genesis to its summary in Revelation. By approaching Scripture as one purposefully flowing narrative, emphasizing the inter-connectedness of the text, veteran school professors Preben Vang and Terry G. Carter enhance the Bible s best teachings and aid audience in their very own potential to share God s story efficiently with other people. Best for classroom settings, this second version of Telling God’s Story now characteristics all supporting charts, images, and illustrations in total color!

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