Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Box Set (1-3): Deadly Hunt, Deadly Intent, Deadly Holiday Audiobook

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by Margaret Daley
Lethal Hunt: All bodyguard Tess Miller would like is a trip. But when a wounded stranger stumbles into her isolated cabin in the Arizona mountains, Tess turns into his lifeline. When Shane Burkhart opens his eyes, all he can focus on is his guardian angel leaning more than him. And in the times to occur he will need a guardian angel even though getting hunted by a person who needs him dead.
Deadly Intent: Texas Ranger Sarah Osborn imagined she would never ever see her high faculty sweetheart, Ian O’Leary, once more. But fifteen years afterwards, Ian, an ex-FBI agent, has an individual focusing on him, and she’s assigned to the situation. Can Sarah defend Ian and her heart?
Deadly Getaway: Tory Caldwell witnesses a strike-and-run, but when the lifeless sufferer disappears from the scene, law enforcement question a criminal offense has been dedicated. Tory is threatened when she keeps insisting she observed a male killed and the only a single who thinks her is her neighbor, Jordan Steele. Together, can they solve the mystery of the disappearing entire body and keep ali…

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