Stepbrother UnSEALed: A Bad Boy Military Romance Audiobook

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by Nicole Snow
MY HERO, MY Destroy, MY RECKLESS TEMPTATION…DELIAI practically landed in my stepbrother’s bed, and I want it to take place again.I am way too great for him. He’s as well crude for me. Fantasy is where this twisted point should end.Chris Cleveland tempts me because he’s mistaken. Swoon-worthy, all-American Navy SEAL. Undesirable boy. Manwhore.I did not know he was off limits the night we acquired hot and weighty. I did not know our individuals have been hitched.Hell, I certainly didn’t know I could at any time want what I’m not meant to have this terribly, and one particular a lot more smirk of his devilish lips just might carry me to my knees…You will find a whole lot I will not know anymore.And he is about to teach me.CHRISLove’s a goddamned joke. I bed females in between missions and rock their worlds with army precision. I by no means taste, contact, or tease the identical chick 2 times.Get in, get out, and leave her a breathl…

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