Salem Witch Judge Audiobook

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by Eve LaPlante
In 1692 Puritan Samuel Sewall sent 20 men and women to their fatalities on trumped-up witchcraft charges. The nefarious witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts signify a reduced stage of American history, manufactured well-known in operates by Longfellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne (himself a descendant of one of the judges), and Arthur Miller. The trials might have doomed Sewall to infamy besides for a brave act of contrition now commemorated in a mural that hangs beneath the golden dome of the Massachusetts State Residence picturing Sewall’s public repentance. He was the only Salem witch decide to make amends.But, remarkably, the judge’s tale did not conclude there. As soon as he realized his mistake, Sewall turned his focus to other pressing social problems. Struck by the injustice of the New England slave trade, a commerce in which his very own family members and neighbors had been engaged, he authored “The Offering of Joseph,” America’s 1st antislavery tract. While his friends seen Indigenous Us citizens as savages, Sewall advocated …

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