Paula Deen Cuts the Fat: 250 Recipes Lightened Up Audiobook

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by Paula Deen
Paula Deen has missing more than 40 pounds and has maintained her weight loss for more than two years by swapping out substances to minimize body fat and calories. Paula’s essential to bodyweight loss is moderation and accountability and one working day a 7 days she still enjoys great previous southern cooking with biscuits and all. Only now she will have one biscuit instead of three. A single does not have to give up flavor when decreasing calories and these recipes are a testomony to that. Paula shares 250 of her favourite recipes lightened up. This manufacturer new cookbook provides lightened up versions of fifty of her basic southern recipes and presents new recipes that cuts the calories but not the delicious flavor. Like:- The Lady’s New Tacky Mac- New Savannah Gumbo- Flourless chocolate cake- Beaufort Shrimp Pie- Nutty Sweet Potato Balls- All-New Peach Cobbler

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