Organic: A Journalist’s Quest to Discover the Truth behind Food Labeling Audiobook

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by Peter Laufer
Element foods narrative, element investigation, part journey story, Organic and natural is an eye-opening and entertaining look into the everything goes entire world behind the organic and natural label. It is also a wakeup phone about the dubious origins of foods labeled natural and organic. Right after eating some suspect organic walnuts that supposedly ended up made in Kazakhstan, veteran journalist Peter Laufer chooses a couple of products from his residence pantry and traces their origins again to their resource. Together the way he learns how very easily we are tricked into taking natural promises at experience benefit.With natural and organic foods readily accessible at grocery store chains, confusion and outright deception about labels have become commonplace. Globalization has authorized foodstuff from extremely corrupt governments and businesses abroad to pollute the organic and natural marketplace with food that is anything but. The natural and organic environment is like the Wild West: oversight is almost nonexistent, and deception runs amok. Laufer investigates so-called organic …

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