OMEGA Born Audiobook

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by CR Guiliano
Arri had been abused and picked on all his lifestyle. Born a runt, and then maturing into an omega, he was solid out of his pack. Figuring he d not locate yet another pack ready to consider him in, he struggled to make a daily life for himself in the human planet.
If he didn t have undesirable luck, he experienced no luck at all. Work have been hard to appear by, and he wasn t capable to hold them for extended, his omega empathy leading to humiliating meltdowns.
He d been robbed, mugged, and virtually raped also several instances to count. Arri s wolf was fundamentally broken, with no way to arise, or safeguard him, lastly withdrawing deep inside him and remaining silent.
Then, a day came when things changed. Answering yet an additional employment ad, he was surprised to find the resource of the advertisement was a beta wolf, then was stunned additional when he was presented just before the alpha of the Woodlynn pack. He d read rumors about this pack, the alpha deemed one of the strongest on the continent.
He believed the…

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