Monkey Girl Audiobook

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by Edward Humes
What ought to we teach our youngsters about in which we arrive from? Is evolution a lie or excellent science? Is it incompatible with religion? Have experts actually detected evidence of a creator in mother nature? From bestselling, Pulitzer Prize-successful creator Edward Humes will come a extraordinary story of faith, science, and courage as opposed to any considering that the well-known Scopes Monkey Demo. Monkey Female will take you guiding the scenes of the recent war on evolution in Dover, Pennsylvania, when the town’s college board selection to confront the controversy head-on thrust its college students, then the total community, on to the entrance traces of America’s tradition wars. Told from the views of all sides of the fight, it is a riveting accurate tale about an epic court docket circumstance on the training of “intelligent style,” and what takes place when science and religion collide.

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