Mary Tudor: Princess, Bastard, Queen Audiobook

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by Anna Whitelock
She was the initial female to inherit the throne of England, a crucial player in a single of Britain s stormiest eras, and a chief whose unwavering religion and swift retribution attained her the nickname Bloody Mary. Now, in this impassioned and absorbing debut, historian Anna Whitelock delivers a contemporary perspective on Mary Tudor and sets the record straight once and for all on one particular of history s most compelling and maligned rulers. Although frequently overshadowed by her lengthy-reigning sister, Elizabeth I, Mary lived a life complete of defiance, despair, and triumph. Born the daughter of the notorious King Henry VIII and the Spanish Katherine of Aragon, young Mary was a princess in every single sense of the term schooled in regal customs, educated by the greatest students, coveted by European royalty, and betrothed prior to she experienced reached the age of a few. However in a decade s time, in the wake of King Henry s break with the pope, she was declared a bastard, disinherited, and demoted from pri…

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