High In Trial (Raine Stockton Dog Mysteries Book 7) Audiobook

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by Donna Ball
A weekend opposition turns lethal in this seventh Raine Stockton Dog Mystery.

Pet trainer Raine Stockton and her pleased-go-lucky golden retriever Cisco have been hunting ahead the opening weekend of AKC competitive agility all winter. They travel to the lower place of South Carolina to compete from some of the prime puppies in the southeast for blue ribbons, squeaky toys, and probably even that elusive title of Large in Trial. But even in this carefree atmosphere of substantial-spirited canines and dedicated proprietors ambition operates high, and when 1 of the competition is located brutally murdered it starts to seem as however corruption may possibly have penetrated even this last bastion of decency and sportsmanship, the AKC.

Although Raine and Cisco stalk a killer, a twenty-year aged mystery is unfolding back home that will have devastating implications for Raine and those she enjoys, and each and every hour that passes brings a lethal danger nearer.

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