Happy Accidents: Serendipity in Major Medical Breakthroughs in the Twentieth Century Audiobook

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by Morton Meyers MD
Satisfied Accidents is a interesting, entertaining, and very accessible seem at the stunning role serendipity has performed in some of the most essential health care discoveries in the twentieth century. What do penicillin, chemotherapy medicines, X-rays, Valium, the Pap smear, and Viagra have in typical? They were each uncovered unintentionally, stumbled upon in the search for one thing else. In the nineties, Pfizer had large hopes for a new drug that would improve blood circulation to the heart. As they executed trials on angina sufferers, scientists mentioned a startling impact: whilst the drug did not affect blood flow to the coronary heart, it did influence blood flow somewhere else! Now over 6 million American gentlemen have taken Viagra in their life time.Winston Churchill when mentioned, Men sometimes stumble throughout the reality, but most of them decide on their own up and hurry off as if absolutely nothing has occurred. Within the scientific group, a certain stigma is hooked up to chance discovery due to the fact it is wrong…

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