Gray Back Broken Bear (Gray Back Bears Book 4) Audiobook

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by T. S. Joyce
Easton Novak is hiding anything fearsome inside of of him. An unconventional upbringing has turned his interior grizzly into a berserker one who has all but destroyed his humanity. Becoming around people isn t easy. Not when he doesn t comprehend any of their reactions, or half of what they re expressing. And if he can convince his alpha he s 50 percent sane, he just may well allow Easton live. But when the raven from Easton s childhood displays up at his door again, he is aware of he s slowly and gradually sinking into a madness he can t appear again from.
She s not actual.
She can t be.

Raven shifter, Aviana King, is terrified of bears. They re her folks s all-natural enemy, but she hasn t been ready to forget the bear cub she befriended all individuals a long time back. Confronted with a loveless courtship she doesn t want, she visits Easton just to see if the sparking emotions she felt for him when they ended up little ones are even now there. The only difficulty is, he considered she was just a friendly raven all people…

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