Eat It Later: Mastering Self Control & The Slimming Power Of Postponement Audiobook

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by Michael Alvear
A wellness strategy that adjustments the way you feel about meals. Alvear s composing type and the composition of his book make for an straightforward go through and, much more importantly, effortless use in day-to-day life. — Kirkus Testimonials

You Don t Require A Diet plan. You Require An Eating Approach. Use these confirmed psychological methods to minimize cravings, remove overeating, shrink your tummy and help you consume in moderation–without having feeling deprived.

Lower Up To 90% Of Your Snacking With no Feeling Cheated. Use Habituation and Systematic Desensitization to drastically cut how significantly you try to eat without feeling deprived. Psychologists use these treatments to get folks off Vicodin and Xanax. Think about how well they work on chips and cookies.

Control Your Cravings With Delayed Gratification Techniques That Instruct Self-discipline Without having Suffering. Dependent on famed psychologist Walter Mischel s Marshmallow experiments, they will painlessly assist you ma…

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