Chief Joseph & the Flight of the Nez Perce Audiobook

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by Kent Nerburn
Hidden in the shadow cast by the fantastic western expeditions of Lewis and Clark lies yet another journey every single bit as poignant, every little bit as dramatic, and each bit as essential to an comprehension of who we are as a country — the one,800-mile journey produced by Chief Joseph and eight hundred Nez Perce guys, ladies, and youngsters from their homelands in what is now eastern Oregon by means of the most difficult, mountainous country in western America to the large, wintry plains of Montana. There, only forty miles from the Canadian border and flexibility, Main Joseph, certain that the wounded and elders could go no farther, walked across the snowy battlefield, handed his rifle to the U.S. army commander who had been pursuing them, and spoke his now-popular words, “From the place the solar now stands, I will struggle no much more eternally.”The story has been told many times, but never before in its entirety or with this kind of narrative richness. Drawing on four several years of research, interviews, and 20,000 miles of tra…

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