Legal Thriller: Unreasonable Force: A Courtroom Drama (Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series Book 4) Audiobook

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by Kenneth Eade
“Injustice everywhere is a threat to justice almost everywhere.” Martin Luther King. This #one very best seller provides the verdict.William Thomas grew up with a distrust of speak to with the police. However, he labored difficult and made a title for himself as a successful attorney. After leaving a ball match with buddies, William is assaulted by law enforcement and a single of the officers is killed. Accused of murder, William calls his colleague, attorney Brent Marks, to defend him. Can Brent influence the jury that the law enforcement have crossed the line among retaining purchase and law enforcement brutality? Can he formulate a protection for a customer who thinks himself that he could be responsible? This contemporary mystery and suspense novel confronts the modern reality of tolerance, racism, prejudice and violence in American modern society.Here is what critics and viewers are declaring“An insightful and considered provoking seem into the politics of the felony justice technique.”-InD’Tale Journal

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Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain Audiobook

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by David Eagleman
If the aware head-the element you consider to be you-is just the suggestion of the iceberg, what is the relaxation doing? In this glowing and provocative new book, the renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman navigates the depths of the unconscious brain to illuminate astonishing mysteries: Why can your foot shift midway to the brake pedal ahead of you turn into consciously mindful of danger forward? Why do you hear your identify getting talked about in a conversation that you didn’t believe you were listening to? What do Ulysses and the credit history crunch have in widespread? Why did Thomas Edison electrocute an elephant in 1916? Why are men and women whose names get started with J more most likely to marry other people whose names begin with J? Why is it so challenging to maintain a key? And how is it attainable to get angry at oneself-who, exactly, is mad at whom? Getting in brain hurt, plane recognizing, relationship, medication, splendor, infidelity, synesthesia, legal law, artificial intelligence, and visual illusions, Incognito

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The Court and the World: American Law and the New Global Realities Audiobook

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by Stephen Breyer
In this unique, considerably-achieving, and timely book, Justice Stephen Breyer examines the work of the Supreme Court of the United States in an ever more interconnected world, a globe in which all sorts of action, both public and private from the carry out of national security coverage to the perform of global trade obliges the Court docket to understand and think about situation over and above America s borders. It is a globe of quick communications, lightning-quick commerce, and shared troubles (like general public health threats and environmental degradation), and it is one particular in which the lives of Individuals are routinely joined at any time more pervasively to people of folks in overseas lands. Indeed, at a minute when any person may possibly have interaction in immediate transactions internationally for solutions formerly acquired and offered only locally (lodging, for occasion, by way of on-line internet sites), it has turn out to be clear that, even in ordinary issues, judicial awareness can no for a longer time stop at the drinking water s edge. …

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Business Law: Text and Cases Audiobook

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by Kenneth W. Clarkson
Thorough, authoritative, and student-welcoming, longtime industry-leader Company LAW: Text AND Cases provides an excellent blend of classic “black letter law” and slicing-edge protection of contemporary issues and cases. Enterprise LAW proceeds to set the standard for excellence. The text gives a strong scholar orientation, generating the law available, fascinating, and appropriate. The cases, content material, and features of the thirteenth edition have been thoroughly up-to-date to symbolize the latest developments in enterprise law. Cases assortment from precedent-location landmarks to important modern selections. Moral, global, and corporate themes are integrated during. In addition, several crucial-pondering workouts problem students to apply expertise to actual-globe concerns. It is no question that Company LAW is utilized by a lot more schools and universities than any other business law textual content.

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Sisters in Law: How Sandra Day O’Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Went to the Supreme Court and Changed the World Audiobook

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by Linda Hirshman
The writer of the celebrated Victory tells the interesting tale of the intertwined life of Sandra Day O Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the initial and second women to provide as Supreme Courtroom justices.The connection between Sandra Day O Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Republican and Democrat, Christian and Jew, western rancher s daughter and Brooklyn woman transcends celebration, faith, region, and lifestyle. Strengthened by each and every other s presence, these groundbreaking judges, the first and second to provide on the greatest courtroom in the land, have remodeled the Structure and The usa itself, creating it a a lot more equivalent area for all girls.Linda Hirshman s twin biography consists of revealing stories of how these trailblazers fought for their own recognition in a male-dominated occupation battles that would in the end gain every single American girl. She also tends to make clear how these two justices have shaped the authorized framework of contemporary feminism, such as use…

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Salem Witch Judge Audiobook

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by Eve LaPlante
In 1692 Puritan Samuel Sewall sent 20 men and women to their fatalities on trumped-up witchcraft charges. The nefarious witch trials in Salem, Massachusetts signify a reduced stage of American history, manufactured well-known in operates by Longfellow, Nathaniel Hawthorne (himself a descendant of one of the judges), and Arthur Miller. The trials might have doomed Sewall to infamy besides for a brave act of contrition now commemorated in a mural that hangs beneath the golden dome of the Massachusetts State Residence picturing Sewall’s public repentance. He was the only Salem witch decide to make amends.But, remarkably, the judge’s tale did not conclude there. As soon as he realized his mistake, Sewall turned his focus to other pressing social problems. Struck by the injustice of the New England slave trade, a commerce in which his very own family members and neighbors had been engaged, he authored “The Offering of Joseph,” America’s 1st antislavery tract. While his friends seen Indigenous Us citizens as savages, Sewall advocated …

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