Bum Rap Audiobook

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by Paul Levine
NFL linebacker-turned-lawyer Jake Lassiter has experienced it with shifty customers, soiled prosecutors, and a authorized system out of whack. It s ample to make a male want to depart Miami and in no way look back right up until he will get a contact from Victoria Lord, the much better 50 % of scorching neighborhood legal group Solomon & Lord. Her spouse in life and law has been arrested for murder. What s even worse: the only particular person who can very clear him has fled the metropolis. Now it s up to Jake and Victoria to observe down the witness a gorgeous Bar woman before she s roped in by the feds or removed by the Russian mob.Jake is aware of that if he doesn t get to the witness first, his consumer s case is missing. Fortunately, he s received some excellent tips from his college football mentor: Buckle your chin strap and strike any individual. And at times, the only way to win a tough circumstance is to do just that.

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