Alpha’s Darkling Bride: A Bad Boy Alpha Romance Audiobook

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by Linda Barlow
It was intended to be a hot one-night time fling…
Montana rancher Cade Derringer needs me naked and susceptible.
Screw that.
The very last factor I want is a filthy-speaking, undesirable boy shifter crashing into my lifestyle.
Especially the wolf pack alpha, who never lets me overlook that the first time he noticed me, I was stark-freaking-bare-assed.
Difficulties is, I cannot seem to end getting rid of my garments around him.
But that will not mean I like him.
Nor does it indicate I ll obey his sexy, arrogant orders
Even if I am compelled to marry the jerk.
I have got no damn use for a spouse.
Especially a single with dark, mysterious tricks.
I am a hunter. Chicks like her are my organic prey.
But Jess lights me up with mystic fireplace each and every time I nail her.
If she thinks that implies we’re fated mates, overlook it.
I take what s mine, but I will not believe in fairy tales.
Writer s Be aware: Alpha s Da…

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