Aftermath: Star Wars: Journey to The Force Awakens Audiobook

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by Chuck Wendig
Journey to Star Wars: The Power Awakens The 2nd Dying Star has been destroyed, the Emperor killed, and Darth Vader struck down. Devastating blows in opposition to the Empire, and major victories for the Rebel Alliance. But the battle for freedom is considerably from more than. As the Empire reels from its crucial defeats at the Struggle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance now a fledgling New Republic presses its advantage by hunting down the enemy s scattered forces prior to they can regroup and retaliate. But above the distant planet Akiva, an ominous demonstrate of the enemy s toughness is unfolding. Out on a lone reconnaissance mission, pilot Wedge Antilles watches Imperial Star Destroyers gather like birds of prey circling for a eliminate, but he s taken captive before he can report again to the New Republic leaders. Meanwhile, on the planet s surface area, previous rebel fighter Norra Wexley has returned to her indigenous globe war weary, prepared to r…

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